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A brand well worth checking out, from Byron Bay in Australia. Mens and Womens Wear, on exclusive threads. Some really strong imagery as well as a very strong lookbook.


AFENDS is proud to present our Spring 2013 range, inspired by the backdrop of life in and around our hometown of Byron Bay. 

Check out the Mens trailer here - http://vimeo.com/70371086

And Womans Trailer here - http://vimeo.com/70446539

We are the generation of Byron Bay kids that were born and bred from parents of the early alternative movement and grew up through the 90’s punk era. We are the proud generation of “Hippie Scum”, devoted to a free-living attitude and taking every day as it comes.

Coming from this widely eclectic place that is Byron Bay, inspiration is never far away with all the crazy beautiful characters that roam our hometown. Our philosophy of “Question Everything” is central to all that we do – we translate this thinking across everyday life of music, surf, street and art then reflect it through our AFENDS THREADS.

Welcome to the “Hippie Scum” revolution – Spring 2013 is available now at all AFENDS concepts stores, retailers and online here.

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